If you have missing teeth, Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt may recommend using mini dental implants to replace the teeth and restore your smile. Mini dental implants are precisely what they sound like: implants that are smaller than the standard implant. There are several reasons why our dentist may recommend using a mini implant, including:

  • To anchor an implant-supported denture
  • To provide you with a less invasive procedure, a more comfortable treatment and a shorter healing period
  • To give you a more affordable treatment
  • To provide a faster overall treatment — in some cases, our dentist can place the mini implant and attach the dentures on the same day
  • To enhance the comfort of your smile so that you can chew, eat and speak with out discomfort or worry

Like regular dental implants, mini implants also look, feel and function like your original teeth. They work to stimulate your supporting bone tissue in order to prevent bone loss, stabilize your teeth and help you maintain the shape and volume of your face.

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