Are you missing multiple teeth? Ask our dentist about complete and partial dentures! Dentures improve your ability to speak and eat, restore your natural facial volume, and give you back a confident smile.

Dentures are a type of removable oral appliance. They consist of a set of prosthetic teeth that are anchored in a plastic base. There are several types of dentures that are available based on the number of teeth you are missing and your individual needs. The two main types of dentures are:

  • Complete dentures — this type of denture replaces an entire dental arch. You may receive a complete denture for one arch or for both the upper and lower dental arches.
  • Partial dentures — partial dentures are recommended when you have some remaining natural teeth in a dental arch. They usually use a thin framework or a set of clasps to anchor the appliance to your natural teeth for a secure fit.

Dentures are a custom-made appliance and will require several appointments to ensure that they fit properly. You may schedule as many as six total appointments with our dentist in order to make sure that your dentures are comfortable and function correctly. Our dentist and team will also provide you with instructions on how to care for your dentures properly.

As with all oral appliances, your dentures will occasionally require maintenance to ensure that they continue to function properly and remain comfortable. Our dentist will check your dentures at each of your regular dental exams to ensure that they are in good condition and determine if any maintenance is needed.

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