If you have a cavity or your tooth has sustained other minor damage, our dentist can provide a dental filling to restore your tooth and smile. Fillings are a type of restoration typically used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage, and they work by restoring the original structure and function of the tooth.

Traditionally, dental fillings have been made of a silver amalgam material. However, at Arrowhead Family Dentistry, we have chosen to use only tooth-colored, or composite, dental fillings. Composite fillings blend in with your teeth to create a more natural-looking result and will actually work with your tooth to strengthen it. Composite fillings also last longer and provide better long-term results for your oral health than metal fillings as they are made from porcelain or composite resin rather than a mixture of mercury and other metals.

Fillings can usually be completed in a single appointment. Our dentist will remove the decayed and damaged tooth structure and thoroughly clean the tooth to prepare it. The filling is then placed and shaped to match the contours of your tooth before being hardened and polished to provide a lasting restoration.

For more information about tooth-colored dental fillings in San Bernardino, California, and to make an appointment with Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt, please contact our office today at 909-889-3300.

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