Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt recommends wearing a sports mouth guard whenever you participate in a recreational athletic activity, especially a high-contact sport. Athletic mouth guards help prevent damage to your teeth, soft oral tissues, jaw and neck so that you can keep your smile healthy and free from pain and discomfort.

Sports guards fit over your teeth to protect your smile from injury. While they are highly beneficial to anyone who participates in athletic activities, they are most important for those who participate in high-contact sports, such as wrestling, football, hockey, rugby, soccer, basketball, baseball or boxing.

There are several types of mouth guards available:

  • Stock mouth guards — these generic mouth guards are available at most sporting goods stores. They are not customized at all and provide only the most basic of protection.
  • Bite-and-boil mouth guards — these mouth guards are also available at most sporting goods stores. They can be somewhat customized to your mouth by boiling them to make them malleable and then inserting them into the mouth.
  • Custom mouth guards — this type of mouth guard provides the most protection. They are custom-made oral appliances designed to fit your mouth and smile perfectly and provide the maximum amount of protection. They also help to keep your airways open so that you can breath easily while you play.

Sports mouth guards are designed to prevent a wide range of dental injuries, including knocked-out and chipped teeth; injuries to the soft oral tissues, including the tongue, lips, cheeks and gums; and neck and jaw injuries.

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