One of the advanced imaging technologies used at Arrowhead Family Dentistry is cephalometric X-rays. Cephalometric X-rays are a type of extraoral imaging. This means that nothing is inserted into your mouth. Instead, a specially adapted panoramic device moves around your head to capture images. This panoramic device consists of a mechanical arm with a film holder mounted on it. As the arm rotates around your head, a complete image of your oral structure is captured. This process is very quick and is entirely non-invasive.

The images captured by cephalometric X-rays include:

  • Nasal and sinus passageways
  • The jaw, mouth and head
  • A view of the side profile of your face
  • Views of the jaw in relation to cheekbones
  • Measurements of the teeth
  • Identification of any fractures or other injuries
  • Clear views of malocclusion

The captured images are magnified up to 30 percent so that our dentist and orthodontist can view them easily. This makes diagnosing problems, such as decay, disease or injury, and planning restorative treatments, including implant placement, much simpler and quicker. Additionally, cephalometric X-rays significantly reduce radiation exposure, making your imaging process extremely safe.

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