At Arrowhead Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing each of our patients with the highest possible quality of care. As part of this commitment, our office uses state-of-the-art dental technology in San Bernardino, California. Some of the technologies featured at our office include:

We have chosen to use advanced dental technology because it enables us to meet your oral health needs more effectively. By using the latest technologies, our dentist, orthodontist and team can provide you with more accurate diagnoses, plan and perform treatments that are more effective, and give you a more comfortable overall experience when you visit our office.

Dental technology also includes the treatment techniques and materials that we use. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the dental field, and our doctors and team regularly complete continuing education courses and trainings to ensure that we are aware of the latest developments in dentistry and can safely and successfully use each type of technology in our office.

As each type of dental technology has its own benefits, we encourage you to learn more about them by using the links provided above. For more information and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt or Dr. Matthew Moadel, please call our office today at 909-889-3300. We look forward to helping you care for your smile.

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